Graduate School

for Sustainable Energy Systems in Neighbourhoods

Doctoral Candidates Phase 2 NEQ

M.A. Sina Diersch

Institute for Mobility and Urban Planning at the University of Duisburg-Essen

Research Interests: Urban systems, mobility research, user-oriented local mobility, transformation research, human-centered urban planning

Dissertation: Local Mobility in the Context of Urban Transformation. Innovation Perspectives through Real Experiments

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M.A. Dione Hernández Galvis

Institute for Mining and Energy Law at the Ruhr University Bochum

Research Interests: Energy law, environmental law, comparative law, European law, international law

Dissertation: Digitization of the energy transition: Legal framework for more efficient use of solar energy in smart neighborhoods

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M.A. Lisa Kränke

Bochum University

Research Interests: Sustainable urban and neighborhood development, participation research, governance research, sociological systems theory

Dissertation: Sustainable neighborhood development in Bochum-Hamme

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M.Sc. David Kröger

Institute for Energy Systems, Energy Efficiency and Energy Economics at Dortmund University of Technology

Research interests: the investigation and further development of future, integrated energy systems, taking into account interactions with the overall energy supply system

Dissertation: Electricity market and grid simulations with special consideration of an increasing coupling of the electricity and heat sectors in the neighborhood

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M.Sc. Anne Paulus

Center for Interdisciplinary Regional Research at the Ruhr University Bochum

Research interests: sustainable urban development and issues related to mobility, climate change mitigation and urbanization

Dissertation: Sustainable mobility in the neighborhood. An acceptance study

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M.Sc. Simon Slabik

Chair of Resource Efficient Construction at the Ruhr University Bochum

Research Interests: Life cycle analyses or life cycle assessments, resource-efficient building constructions, energetic refurbishment measures in a technical-ecological context, sustainable urban and neighborhood development

Dissertation: The ecological significance of the neighborhood – new construction, renovation and modernization measures and their environmentally relevant effects

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M.Sc. Antonia Rubarth
(ehem. Stratmann)

Chair and Institute for Urban Planning and Design at RWTH Aachen University

Research interests: urban planning and its interconnection with other disciplines, innovative approaches to neighborhood development, handling and use of public spaces

Dissertation: How can flexible urban structures create sustainable neighborhood development?


  • How can flexible public space contribute to resource-friendly cities? | 2019 | Poster, Abstract

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M.Sc. Lisa Taruttis

Chair of Energy Economics at the University of Duisburg-Essen

Research Interests: Regional economics, applied (especially spatial) econometrics, economic policy issues, housing economics

Dissertation: Investments in sustainable energy systems and energy efficiency measures from the perspective of (private) house and apartment owners


  • Estimating the impact of energy efficiency on property values in German residential housing markets: Does regional disparity matter? | 2019 | Poster, Abstract

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M.Sc. Christian Thommessen

Chair of Energy Technology at the University of Duisburg-Essen

Research interests: Energy system analysis (especially the operation of heat grids and the deployment planning of generation plants), sector coupling, (further) development of energy supply concepts for neighborhoods (in transition)

Dissertation: Heat Networks in Germany – Historical Context, Current Research Questions and Future Benefits


  • Determination of heat losses of buried pipelines in cold heat networks | 2018 | Journal article
  • Synthesis of heat demand profiles for heat network and generation system simulation | 2019 | Journal article
  • An innovative concept to increase the efficiency of existing combined heat and power plants in developing district heating systems | 2019 | Abstract
  • Development of Cross-Sectoral Active Network Management Systems Using New Engineering Paradigms | 2019 | Contribution to a collective work or conference proceedings
  • Significance of Cogeneration for Germany’s Future Energy Supply | 2019 | Contribution to a collective work or conference proceedings
  • Requirements for Smart District Energy Concepts | 2019 | lecture

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Dipl.-Ök. Mona Treude

Wuppertal Institute

Research Interests: Governance of sustainable development, Smart City approaches, Urban / regional transformation, Implementation of UN Agenda 2030 and SDGs, Sustainable structural change, Participation and participation formats, Alternative economies and sustainable business, Analysis, development and implementation of sustainability strategies, Educational research / Education for sustainable development

Dissertation: The smart city approach as a concept for achieving climate protection and sustainability goals

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M.Sc. Karen Wesely

Chair of Marketing at the Technical University of Dortmund

Research Interests: Industrial marketing, customer relationship management, psychological market research

Dissertation: Relevance of objective and subjective supply autonomy
in the context of the energy transition

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