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for Sustainable Energy Systems in Neighbourhoods

NEQ Talks: QUARREE 100

October 28th 2021
6 to 7:30 pm 

Meeting ID: 924 3401 7214
Passwort: 861765

Development of a sustainable and economical energy supply for cities and municipalities

Jana Rasch Entwicklungsagentur Region Heide
Ilka Hoffmann FH Westküste
Anne Nieters Frauenhofer IFAM

One of the goals of a resilient energy system is to ensure regional supply stability – even in extreme situations and other uncertainties. Since this can conflict with a purely efficiency-driven solution, the QUARREE100 project in the Heide region aims to identify and model the optimal balance between energy efficiency and supply security.

We are pleased that Jana Rasch from the Heide Region Development Agency will give us an understanding of the project, which is funded in the Solar Building / Energy Efficient City funding initiative. She will report from practical experience on the technical and non-technical implementations that are being realized, tested and investigated in the neighborhood and how citizen energy societies contribute to its success.

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Within the NEQ Talks round, experts from the disciplines of the collegiate participants, both from practice and research, are invited to report on their projects and to enter into discourse with the collegiate participants.

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Handbook Energy Efficiency in Neighbourhoods

Out now: 

As part of the first funding phase of the Graduate School EEQ: Energy Efficiency in the Neighbourhood, 11 doctoral students from various disciplines have completed their doctorates on topics related to energy efficiency in the neighbourhood. In their work, solution approaches and recommendations for actors in the energy transition are developed. Possibilities and perspectives for energy production, grids and operator models at the neighbourhood level are explained. The publication is available from Springer Verlag since July 2021. 

2nd Phase of the Graduate School "Energy Efficiency in Neighbourhoods"

The NRW Research College “Sustainable Energy Systems in the Neighbourhood” aims to develop technical, economic and social control models to increase energy efficiency in the neighbourhood. With its broad interdisciplinary composition and embedding in practice (transdisciplinary), the Research College makes an important contribution to developing integrated concepts and promoting necessary understanding between the disciplines and between future scientists and practitioners from different disciplines. Specific possibilities for action and options support the parties involved, above all municipal utilities, local authorities, politicians and citizens, in driving forward the energy transition in neighbourhoods.

The publications produced by the researchers within the framework of the Graduate School can be found here.

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